The 19th International Biennial of ceramics of Châteauroux is organized by the museums of the city of Châteauroux and Châteauroux Metropolis

8th July – 17th September

Inauguration on Friday 7th July, 18 pm

Laurence Crespin, Untitled, installation of 50 elements mounted on the plate, black sandstone © Thomas Deschamps.
/ Choi Byung-So, Untitled, 2013 54 x 40 cm, pen and graphite on newsprint, courtesy Choi Byung-So and Maria Lund Gallery, Paris © Marc-Antoine Bulot.
/ Lee Bae, Untitled, 1998, 3 elements, charcoal and black elastics © Thomas Deschamps.

The 19th International Biennial of Ceramics in Châteauroux questions the place given to contemporary ceramics in contemporary art, at a time when contemporary sculpture is itself in search of landmarks and doubts its capacity to be the unifying genre that it Was formerly.

By its title alone, IDEM expresses the challenge of the 19th Biennale: to show that if a frontier exists within the arts, this frontier does not separate ceramics from art, but art from non-art. To prove, in short, that the value of intentionality, that the technical characteristics and the conditions of production can be equally determinant in painters, engravers, sculptors or photographers, than in ceramists. Prove also that the plastic quests can be the same.
– Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, scientific curator

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Patrick Loughran, Ming Thing, 2017, glazed earthenware, H.58 cm. © Patrick Loughran
/ Trois Carrés, Perturbation rétinienne au coeur de l’hypersphère,  2015, acrylic and canvas print,142×142 cm.
© Trois Carrés

PRESS TRIP – Friday, July 7, 2017

A Paris / Châteauroux round-trip bus reserved for artists, institutions, lenders and the press is chartered.


Hélène Délépine, artist in residence at the Municipal Shool of Fine Arts of Châteauroux, will present his project “Semblables” in the EMBAC showroom.

Hélène Delépine, in residence at EMBAC, CHTX 1 1/2 , 2017, impression numérique sur papier photo, 50×70 cm / CHTX 1 2/2, 2017, grès, h.30 x l.60 x L.60 cm

Mr. Gil Averous, Mayor of Châteauroux, spoke on the importance of the International Biennial of Ceramics and the place of culture in his city. Click here to watch the videos

Guest artists:
marc alberghina – armelle benoit – stephane bordarier – emmanuel boos – anne brégeaut – alison britton – choi byung-so – laurence crespin – rowena dring – laurent esquerré – zachary eastwood-bloom – anthony girardi – jean girel – ruth gurvich – jean-luc herman – daisuke ichiba – eva jospin – esben klemann – lee bae – patrick loughran – virgile loyer – madé & jm fondimare – paul march – aurelie nemours – lawson oyeka – michel perot – susanne ring – agnès rosse – helene schmitz – xue sun – stéphane trois carrés – arnaud vérin – heike weber
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CATALOG – 19th International Biennial of Ceramics of Châteauroux – Idem

15 x 20 cm, 192 color pages
Indoor paper 135gr
Hardcover 350gr
Public sale price: 20 Euros
Designer: Carole Berthélemy, Paris
Printer: Color 36, Châteauroux

Institutional partners:
Région Val-de-Loire/ Département de l’Indre/ DRAC Val-de-Loire/
Les Amis des musées de Châteauroux

Partners galleries of the Biennial 2017:
Galerie Maria Lund, Paris / Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris / Galerie Salon Vert, Genève / Arsenic Galerie, Paris / Galerie Schoffel de Fabry, Paris / Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris / Espace privé Hélène Aziza, Paris.

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