The 19th International Biennial of ceramics of Châteauroux is organized by the museums of the city of Châteauroux and Châteauroux Metropolis.

8th July – 17th September

Inauguration on Friday 7th July, 18 pm

By its title alone, idem expresses the stakes of the 19th Biennale:

Show that if a border exists within the arts, this boundary does not separate ceramics from art, but art from non-art. To prove, in short, that the value of intentionality, that the technical characteristics and the conditions of production can be equally determinant in painters, engravers, sculptors or photographers, than in ceramists.

Mrs Michèle Naturel, Director of the Museums of Châteauroux,
The 19th Biennial Ceramics of Châteauroux.
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Ruth Gurvich, Gray Vases, 2017, H.13; Diam.12,7 cm, light, medium and dark gray colors. Set of 18 vases (6 pieces per color), Nymphenburg Manufaktur.
/ Michel Perot, Pins Laricio, study of the futures, 2016, watercolor on paper mounted on chassis, 195 x 130 cm.

On Friday 7 July 2017, inauguration of the Biennial

A Paris / Châteauroux round-trip bus reserved for artists, institutions, lenders and the press is chartered.
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CATALOG – 19th International Biennial of Ceramics of Châteauroux – Idem

15 x 20 cm, 192 color pages
Indoor paper 135gr
Hardcover 350gr
Public sale price: 20 Euros
Designer: Carole Berthélemy, Paris
Printer: Color 36, Châteauroux

Les partenaires institutionnels:
Région Val-de-Loire/ Département de l’Indre/ DRAC Val-de-Loire/
Les Amis des musées de Châteauroux

Les galeries partenaires de la Biennale 2017:
Galerie Maria Lund, Paris / Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris / Galerie Salon Vert, Genève / Arsenic Galerie, Paris / Galerie Schoffel de Fabry, Paris / Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris / Espace privé Hélène Aziza, Paris.

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