“The line is the path that leads from A to B. It has to do with time and means here and now.”

Artist Interview: HEIKE WEBER


intervenes graphically in inhabited architectures. His graphic work consists of writing with monochrome acrylic felt (red, yellow, black or white on a black background) of sinuous and approximately parallel lines, the pattern of which is premeditated. Heike Weber applies the principle of all-over and covers all the given spaces. Her work is minimalist, her practice is ephemeral art.

In partnership with the Galerie Salon Vert, Genève
Artist’s website Heike Weber

“The color always has a direct effect on the spectator, it acts from a symbolic and psychological point of view, I choose the color of a drawing according to the context. In Châteauroux, I opted for red because it involves the idea of energy and passion and it offers an ideal contrast with the works of Esben Klemann.”

Excerpt from the exhibition catalog Idem-19th Biennale de Ceramique de Châteauroux.